Evening Sky

"Evening Sky" Unfinished 9" x 12"

I don't normally show unfinished work because most of it is finished on site. I tried a different approach with this one by using softer brushes and Liquin as my medium. I was able to paint in most of the colors and then decided to let it dry. I'm thinking that building up the colors in layers of glazes will give it a softer glow. It was difficult not to slap on that fat, juicy thick paint I normally go for. I will post it again when I return to it.


  1. Looking really good Randy. I am interested to see how you finish it up. How long did you have to get the colors down?

  2. Thanks Lee. It took about 45 minutes. I could have done it faster but I knew I didn’t have the time to finish the whole painting so I just made sure I had enough information recorded. I reached a point that the Liquin paint combo was kind of lifting back up. I needed to start applying thicker paint so I just stopped and let it dry instead. I haven’t used Liquin that much so I plan on keeping at it. Do you have experience with it?

  3. I love the colors already!! Waiting to see how you will change it with the addition of colors/layers/paint.
    Hope all is well - Judy

  4. Thank you Judy. Looking forward to painting with you again sometime.