Dads Old Truck Revisited

"Dad's Old Truck" revisited 9" x 12"

I wasn't happy with this painting when I posted it a few weeks ago, so I picked it up and went at it again. I added a glaze with Ultramarine Blue and Liquin to most of the shadow areas and applied a thicker and cleaner highlight to the front fender. I don't normally paint on my plein air work after it's dry, but I think this improved it and I'm happier with the final product.


  1. I like then both Randy but I have to admit that the focal point seems more pronounced on this one. I seem more focused on the truck with less competition from the background. Cool painting!

  2. I love this Painting!

  3. Man I love your painting MashAllah, very beautiful authentic.... I would like to buy it. Is it for sale, do you sell by any chance custom made paintings. I send you a photo and you could paint it for me?

  4. Abdulrahman,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I'm sorry to tell you that this painting has been sold, but I would be willing to paint something similar or from a photo for you.

    You can email me at rsaffle@msn.com if you want to talk more. Thank you again.