Playing with Dioxazine Purple

"I'll Give You the Moon" 
9" x 12"

This is a typical vintage Texas house. I was drawn to the telephone poles, silver propane tank and even 
some clothes lines. I found this view in Fredericksburg, TX.  
Painters note~ I added Dioxazine Purple to my palette for this one. 

I included a Google link for the curious to see my exact location.


I'M BACK! ~ Vintage Model T Plein Air

"Model T" 

Sorry for the delay in new posts, but I've been having a computer problem that prevented me from posting photos. I ended up changing web browsers and that put me back in business.  I will try and catch up.

I was thrilled to see that my neighbor bought this old truck and leaves it outside in front of his home. It had my name all over it. I met the owner and he was very welcoming and has even commissioned me to do another painting of his home. Here is the commission painting in progress below. Unlike the truck painting, I am working on this one inside my studio from my photo resources.

"Work in Progress"