Time to put up or shut up!

"Off Road"
9 x 12
  I was invited to do a demo for the Associated Creative Artists art league. This was my second attempt at a demo. Painting is never easy, even in a studio, so standing in front of a large group of artists, talking the whole time and having my painting projected onto a large monitor within my view was a challenge. I was curious myself how it would turn out. lol
  I had learned a few things from my first attempt. I choose a subject that I had painted before ( see video ) with a simple background so I could use most of my time to create the form and shadows. I used a small palette of colors, but added some premixed grays to help speed me up. I think it went very well and was glad that it was well attended considering it was a very rainy, bad weather night. I want to thank the A.C.A. for the opportunity and for the chance to make some new friends.