I wanna be a Cowboy, Baby!

"Jamie & Fred"
12 x 16
I painted it for a good friends 70th birthday. His son Jamie, who is also a good friend has Down Syndrome. I was lucky enough to work with his dad for 15 years and he would go get Jamie everyday and bring him back to our work. Jamie doesn't have any bad days. He is the most consistent friend I have ever had and greats me with hugs and smiles every time. I was very proud to give it to them.
On a side note this was my first horse painting too.



Texas Sunset

"Everythings Better with Bluebonnets On It"
9" x 12"

This was my first real attempt at painting Bluebonnets. Living in Texas, it was just a matter of time. I did this as a study for a commission that I'm about to start. I wanted to suggest the details and the size of the flowers without painting each one. I like how the orange sunset plays off the purple. I also created a grass path for the viewer to walk into the painting and leading your eye to the sunset.