I wanna be a Cowboy, Baby!

"Jamie & Fred"
12 x 16
I painted it for a good friends 70th birthday. His son Jamie, who is also a good friend has Down Syndrome. I was lucky enough to work with his dad for 15 years and he would go get Jamie everyday and bring him back to our work. Jamie doesn't have any bad days. He is the most consistent friend I have ever had and greats me with hugs and smiles every time. I was very proud to give it to them.
On a side note this was my first horse painting too.



  1. I haven't visited for a while, and boy am I liking the incorporation of the new colors into your work. It looks like it was a natural, easy transition.

    I'm with you on the Thalo Green - too overpowering. One tube will last a lifetime, but Thalo and Alizarin do mix to a wonderful 'deep forest green-black'.

  2. Good to hear from you LS! Thank you for the comment and visit!