Roadtrip Anyone?

"Hill Country Roadside"    9" x 12"

Painted this on a recent road trip to the Texas hill country around the Marble Falls area. The sun was setting and I found some beautiful blues hidden in the shadows.

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Garden Path

"Garden Path"     8" x 10"

I was asked to do a demo at a local event celebrating National Garden Day last Friday. I wasn't real excited to do this, but I gave it a go. I paint outside in front of everyone all the time, but a demo is different. What if the painting doesn't work? I quickly realized I shouldn't worry because NOBODY was there to watch me! LOL
It was a shame, because the painting turned out okay.

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Addie May's Iris

"Purple Iris"    5" x 7"

  This Iris is from my wife's grandmothers house. She remembers they filled her yard with purple. My wife and her two sisters took the bulbs after their grandmother's passing twenty-seven years ago. They planted them and have moved them from house to house, but they never bloomed over all those years! Last year they bloomed for the first time for all the sisters and they have come back this year too. Her grandma passed away two months before I started dating my wife and I really wish I had met her. She is still loved greatly today and I know she helped shape the woman I love today.

Happy Mothers Day Sweetie!


Walking to Texas 2

"Walking to Texas 2"  8" x 10"

Walking to Texas, by Michael Cunningham, was Grapevine's first piece of public art, dedicated in 1996. This sculpture and fountain is a tribute to the pioneer families who came to the Grape Vine prairie seeking a bright future and new life. Located in Liberty Park on Main Street. 

I painted this very quickly as the sun was setting and my wife was shopping! ;?)

This is not the first time I painted this statue. Here is the first painting from last year.