Addie May's Iris

"Purple Iris"    5" x 7"

  This Iris is from my wife's grandmothers house. She remembers they filled her yard with purple. My wife and her two sisters took the bulbs after their grandmother's passing twenty-seven years ago. They planted them and have moved them from house to house, but they never bloomed over all those years! Last year they bloomed for the first time for all the sisters and they have come back this year too. Her grandma passed away two months before I started dating my wife and I really wish I had met her. She is still loved greatly today and I know she helped shape the woman I love today.

Happy Mothers Day Sweetie!


  1. Beautiful painting with an especially beautiful story to go with it. What a lucky wife you have, Randy!

    Joined OPS last month and went to the hill country this week for my first paint out with the group...all of four people showed up, what's with that?

  2. Wow! Only four people? That is not normal for this group. I do hope that doesn't become a trend. I have made tons of friends in the OPS.
    Personally, I had another paintout commitment to attend that was made before I received the news and had just got back from Fredricksburgh on a family trip.
    Let's get word out and make sure this doesn't happen again. I look forward to painting with you, Ann.
    Thank you for the comments about my painting. I painted it during a very windy day and it was bouncing all around. I realized I didn't know what an Iris looked like and the next day went back for a closer look. So I hope it was close enough.

  3. Lovely painting, Randy! Enjoyed your story too! Sweet!