Saddle Up with a Egbert brush

"Saddle Up"
12 x 16
Painted this using primarily a "Egbert" bristle brush. ( pictured below )

 This brush has really long bristles and no matter how hard you try it's tough to do really tight overly rendered work. I like to start paintings as loose as possible and feel like it helps to add energy to the piece when it works out, but I don't always use this brush. Sometimes, I use a 1" wide flat that has worn bristles to block in my start. I don't have any set method and I love to experiment.

The start of a painting is my favorite part because drawing is fun to me and one of my strong points since I've been drawing far longer than painting.


Finding Beauty Where It's Not

"Boom Truck" 
10" x 20"

I have spent the last twenty-eight years or so designing signs for a living. The truck pictured above has become a very familiar view. I took a picture of this install truck while I walked into work one early morning and I thought it would be a fun to try and simplify all the details and to try and create something pretty out of a subject most people wouldn't find that way. I took my time drawing this out because any drawing issues would be very obvious. I started painting in my darks and linking them together to give weight to my subject. The truck was back lit, so I tried to paint a lot of the reflected light and to soften up the edges in my darks because I didn't want them to overpower the color and become a distraction. I saved the hardest edges and the brightest colors for the areas I wanted you to look. This painting became about the implied details and when viewed up close becomes more abstract in appearance.


Blanco River

"Blanco River Crossing"
9 x 12

This is a scene from Fredericksburg, TX . I painted this for a good friend that has been vacationing with her family at this same spot for the last twenty something years. I'm happy to say I will be relaxing in this river with my family this weekend, but I hope I can squeeze in some more painting!


OPS Convention and Show night Photos

I had the greatest of times at the Oil Painters of America National show and convention.
I was worried that I would be by myself during the week and possibly bored, but that was far from what happened. I wouldn't have changed five minutes of the week. I want everyone to know the artist, gallery and collectors where all very welcoming and giving with their time. I went to breakfast, lunch and dinner with large groups of people and asked all kinds of technical and personal questions about painting and the art business and I feel renewed in my desire to be a full time painter. I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip and my new friends.
InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX was the site of the
Oil Painters of America 22nd National exhibition
I was very excited to be included in this prestigious show and I became overwhelmed
emotionally when I walked into the gallery and caught my first glimpse of the amazing
artwork filling the walls from top to bottom.
Notice my badge with the "show participant" ribbon...
 I had a tough time taking it off. 

Found myself a cool little red truck on Main St to paint the first day.
I don't have a great picture of it, because I sold it there. 

I made several new friends at the sponsored paint outs including
Colorado artist David Santillanes. We shared a couple meals
and Dave answered all my art related questions and helped fuel
my desire to paint full time. I can't say enough about David.

Scott Burdick's demo in progress, during the National Convention

Elizabeth Pollie, last months Southwest Art Magazines
cover artist, myself and painter Joe Paquet at the party "Under the Stars"
hosted by Plein Air Magazine

The great C.W. Mundy and show judge and demo artist, Sherrie McGraw.
I was lucky enough to meet C.W. late night outside my hotel and got to spend some quality
time becoming friends with the man and enjoying my personal parking lot banjo concert.

Sherrie's demo

Everyone knows Scott Burdick is an amazing artist,
but he proved to be very down to earth guy too.
New friend Lori Putnam

I've been a long time fan of Marc Hanson's art and now I can say
I'm a fan of Marc the person. This guy is the real deal!
Scott Gellatly, painter and product manager for Gamblin Paints.
Scott and I made a pact to trade paintings, but Scott challenged
me to paint my version of  "Thomas the Tank Engine"?!
( I will post my finished painting soon )

Despite the lack of a smile in this photo Oregon painter Craig Zuger
is one of the most friendly and sharing people that I know. He is a veteran of
these shows and his advice and encouragement  meant a ton to me.


Fredericksburg Artist School's breakfast and paint out

Scott and Marc working hard

 Kenn's demo up close

"Party Under the Stars" barbecue dinner.
I was worried that I would go to Fredericksburg and be alone and it was far
from that. The artist were fun, giving and creative people.
My two sons in front of the gallery.
I was proud for them to see my work in such a great gallery.
The big screen at the award ceremony

The "red dot" capped the week!