Sorry 2 My Family

"Parade Tractor"
9 x 12  © 2011

I found this tractor, immediately took my family home, squeezed out a call to a painting buddy and went to work. ( Sorry 2 my family )

I laid the darks in very dry and applied the paint with thick deliberate strokes. I approached it a little looser and personally like the results. I'm real curious what you guys think.


We Have a Winner!

Thank you to everyone that posted to my Blog in support of my 100th post. I am happy to say "Doug Clark's" name was drawn as the winner of my painting giveaway. I am also happy to say I know Doug in the real world, not just the cyber world and have painted beside him several times. Doug is also a great sculptor. and I encourage you to check out his Blog. I am proud to be in his collection.

Thanks Doug and everyone else for all the support and kind words.

Photo by Jim Rodgers