Going Grey

"Going Grey" 8" x 10"

I have been working on adding more greys into my paintings. I have four tube greys that I put on my palette prior to star, mostly to remind myself to use them. Portland grey light, medium and deep, plus Holbeins "Grey of Greys". The first three are colors that Kevin Macpearson uses frequently and the Grey of Greys is a color that I picked up from a Kaye Franklin workshop earlier this year. I try to subtly bend these shades warmer and cooler. The more grey I add, the brighter my main color will appear.


Port Aransas Shrimp Boat 2

"Old Whistler"  9" x 12"

 I braved very high winds and rough weather to get this one. I was camped out to the left of a little boat shop, trying to get some kind of protection from the wind. The whole time I was painting, I heard a very loud whistle in the background. It was driving me crazy. The pitch was moving up and down like a bad song and it wouldn't stop. Near the end of my session I discovered the sound was coming from the wind blowing through the boats rigging and nets. 

Sometimes, late at night I still hear the whistling while I try to sleep.( Fake & added for drama)