Port Aransas Shrimp Boat 2

"Old Whistler"  9" x 12"

 I braved very high winds and rough weather to get this one. I was camped out to the left of a little boat shop, trying to get some kind of protection from the wind. The whole time I was painting, I heard a very loud whistle in the background. It was driving me crazy. The pitch was moving up and down like a bad song and it wouldn't stop. Near the end of my session I discovered the sound was coming from the wind blowing through the boats rigging and nets. 

Sometimes, late at night I still hear the whistling while I try to sleep.( Fake & added for drama)


  1. Thanks Pam!
    I like to spice things up every once in a while. ;?)

  2. Nice Shrimp boat Randy. Do you ever come down to Houston area?


  3. Thanks Randall. I've been through Houston several times going to Galveston, but I haven't stoped to explore and paint. I was born in Texas, but I have only been Plein Air painting for about six years. I would love to come down there and paint some more Shrimp boats.

    You looking for some painting buddies? Have you heard of the Outdoor Painters Society?