" Boadmoor Church" 9" x 12"

"Boadmoor Church" 9" x 12"

Sorry about being gone for awhile. I've been battling a severe sinus infection and a hurt back. Even after my second round of antibiotics I'm only about 83.3% back. Texas weather is always a challenge.  I'm wearing shorts one day & snows falling the next. I'm gearing up for several paint outs and even a workshop, so I will have plenty of work to post soon.

This painting was done for an online painting challenge from my good buddy Lee Brown over at  A Day Not Wasted. Lee provided a photo of a pretty church that he says is near the Boadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As an artist, photographer and world traveler, Lee's web site will definitely inspire you. It got my brushes moving again. One of the best things about plein air painting in groups is seeing everyone's interpretation of the same scene. This provided the same opportunity and also introduced me to several great artists. Thanks again Lee. I look forward to the next one.
Make sure to check out his site and see the other submissions, the photo I worked from or to join in the fun.