Get Off My Lawn!

"The Tree Swing" 12" x 16"

I have wanted to paint this house for some time and I found my chance when I saw the owners out front doing some yard work. I walked up to the lady of the house and she seemed delighted that I wanted to paint on her land. So I set up my easel right off the sidewalk on the corner of their property and got to painting. I selected a 12" x 16" canvas which is larger than my typical size so right then I knew I was in for some work. About twenty minutes in the man of the house sees me and makes a bee line towards me looking very confused and not very happy that I was in his yard. I explained who I was and that I had asked permission from his wife because he was on a riding lawn mower at the time. After what seemed like much hesitation he told me I could continue. For the next two hours I was stared at and given the evil eye. My wife came out to check on me and quickly noticed the way I was being looked at. The man wanted no part of me being on his land or cared about looking at what I was doing. Then he walked over and told me I was done because he wanted to mow the grass I was standing on even though he had just done it when I walked up. Very confusing. The lady of the house had asked me to show it to her when I finished but I felt like I needed to leave. The painting was officially done.

Weird day, but hopefully worth it.


  1. Great story and I am glad you survived it! Too bad that some are so distrustful. If it were Leave it to Beaver days, I bet June would have brought you cookies and Ward would have greeted you upon his return from work. Nice color in the piece. The foreground colors sparkle and contribute to the cheery sunlit mood. I am always glad to see another post from you Randy! Take care and the best to your family this Thanksgiving. /Lee

  2. Great story Randy. This is one of the reasons I do less paint outs (or even take pics) near private property. People can get pretty protective and nasty. For the most part they don't understand what you are doing.

  3. Thanks Lee & Perry. This painting needed some more time put into it. I was just getting to the fun stage when I had to leave, but sometimes life tells you when to stop. :?)

    I do agree that they don't know what we are doing. Most people think I want to put a new coat of paint ON their house or somehow I'm going to force them to buy whatever I painted
    on their land. With that said I still LOVE plein air painting.

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Enjoy the food & family!