It’s Great to Have Friends!

"Spreading Out" 9" x 12"

If you don’t belong to an art group or you don’t have painting partners, I strongly recommend it. Followers of my Blog can see that I haven’t been able to post as regular as I started. My full time job has really demanded a lot from me the past few months and it still hasn’t let up. I know this is not a totally bad thing in today’s economy, but it really puts a damper on my painting time. Some of my recent chances to paint have been spoiled by this famous random Texas weather. Not sure if there is a harder place to paint outside. This is where having painting partners provides a lift. My friends keep me in the loop and let me know what’s going on in the local plein air scene. Those friendships enable me to join in their outings and even sap some of their enthusiasm when I’m down. Recently I joined around thirty other artists on a great one day paint outing in Granbury Texas. We were unleashed on a 300 acre private ranch. Even though my paint skills were a little rusty, I had a great time! How can you not love painting in a group? Every person truly wanted to be there and you can tell they all treasure their time together.

I appreciate my friends Doug and Cecilia for including me in their “Reindeer games”!

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  1. Hi Randy. Glad you are back "in the field" again. Sounds like you had some fun amid your busy schedule. Looks like a great old tree in your painting. I was introduced to olive trees in Italy and loved the meandering branches. So interesting! Take care, /Lee