Dad's Old Truck

"Dad's Old Truck" 9" x 12"

Recently I was out painting with several other painters. Three of us started painting the same identical scene. ( See previous post ) I was excited because I really respect the other two artists that were around me and I figured it was going to be a good learning experience to compare my painting to both of theirs. After I had finished I started to walk over to view the other painters at work. To my amusement one of the other painters started to hurriedly pack his painting away from sight. With a smile on my face, I asked him if I could see it and he quickly refused. After everyone stopped down for some lunch, I asked if he was going to let anyone see his painting and I received the same answer as before. This guy is a world class portrait painter and his studio work is jaw dropping to me. He has admitted that he is relatively new to plein air painting, but I seriously doubt his painting was anything to be embarrassed about. This showed me how tough plein air painting is, even for an expert level painter.

Maybe I’m not the only guy in the world that is guarded about his work.

I heard another very successful painter state that only one out of ten plein air paintings he does is worth displaying in a gallery. I also was able to visit his studio and see literally thousands of plein air paintings he has boxed and laying around. I learned that not every painting you do will be successful, let alone a masterpiece. Lately I find myself making less negative comments towards my own work and gaining more confidence.
Being hard on myself has always plagued me. I know posting my work online is helping me to open up. Art can be very personal.

Maybe I won’t be so hard on myself the next time my painting is not turning out.


  1. No reason to hide this one from anyone. Sweet painting Randy. The colors really pop and the warm lighted areas are really effective. By the way, I like the new black background on the blog too.

  2. Thanks Terry. You did some awesome work for your last show! Always appreciate your comments.

  3. Thanks Lee. I used every color in the book on this one. ( Not necessarily a good thing.) This one's bright, even by my standards. I may do some follow up.

    Still I'm happy to be painting.

  4. Oh Randy I LOVE this one! I knew you were talented but I had no idea to this extent. Thank you for sharing - You should be incredibly proud of such a stunning gallery :0)