Painting Challenge: Train

"Train Crossing" 
11" x 14"

This painting was done for an online painting challenge from my good buddy Lee Brown over at
A Day Not Wasted. Lee has a great site that features his beautiful photography from his world travels.
I dare you to visit and not get inspired.

This train passes close too Lee's home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Follow the link to see the challenge photo, the other artist interpretations and to possibly join in the painting challenge fun. Thanks Lee!

This is my second challenge I participated in. Here is my first one.

When I saw the photo I knew it would be a challenge. All the detail caught my eye first, but what I really wanted to paint was the light on the left side and the depth of the distant background. I tried laying down a monochromatic underpainting, but this time I didn't wait for it to dry before applying the color. At first it caused me some grief because the color kept picking up the grey beneath, but in the end all it took was a second round of good clean saturated highlights to not have it too washed out.

How does it look?


  1. I don't have time to look at the challenge right now but I do love your version of it. Lovely painting. Great color combination and composition.

  2. You've got a great light and depth, for sure. And the colors are cleaned where they need to be. Nice job!

  3. It looks great! It makes me want to participate in the challenge too... and at the same time it's intimidating, thinking I'll compare to yours!

  4. Hey Randy,here for the first time and love your work.Got to take a look at your work at Lee's ADNW.Beautifully executed painting.:)

  5. Thank you for everyone's comments and for finding my Blog! That is the great thing about participating in painting challenges. We all get to find each other.
    I was real happy with the way this turned out. So much of my work is Plein Air, that it almost feels like cheating to work from a photo inside!

    Don't be shy to comment, that is why I post. ;?)

  6. I've really enjoyed catching up with your blog, Randy. This painting is stunning! Love the bright red front with the color on the left side bleached out. It's very complex but has a lot of impact. Also enjoy seeing your mountains and The Crossing . . . love the way you painted that. Thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog.

  7. Just came over to from ADNW to tell you how much I liked your submission on the challenge. You are right, the photo has a great deal of detail. Love that you added the lights on the left (what caught my eye also). I'm not sure yet what I am doing on this challenge - I will be late, that's for sure!

  8. Thanks Lorraine! I appreciate your comments too. Your paintings are filled with texture and you put so much energy into your work. Anybody reading this do yourself a favor and check out Lorraine's Blog.

    Nan, Thank you for the visit and comments too. I look forward to seeing your interpretation of the train.

  9. Great work Randy! Your train lives perfectly in it's surroundings! Nice atmosphere and distance in the background!

  10. Always appreciate your visits and comments Robin.

    Thanks for your comments too Carol! Welcome to my blog. ;?)