"Chasing After the Sun"

"Chasing After the Sun"    9"x 12"

I painted this a few nights ago and the next morning I found out my best friend's Grandmother had passed away. We have been friends almost all of my life and his Nanny had welcomed me into the family since day one. She was a very special person and will be missed, but thought of often. She called me her "black eyed boy". .
Love you Nanny!.


  1. I really like how you painted the sky. I've never had any luck with sunrise or sunset paintings but you nailed it. Sorry about your friends grandmother.

  2. Thanks Doug. I haven't painted very many all sky pictures, but I feel I'm getting better with each one.
    A lot of artists make the sky blue and clouds white and leave it at that. Next time you try a sky just concentrate on small color and value changes throughout. You can almost get away with any color if it relates to the other color around it.

  3. Beautiful sky, Randy, and so sorry for the loss of one of your dear friend. She sounds like a very kind woman.