Plein Air Southwest Paintings

 "I am Iron Man"     9" x 12"

"Going Grey"     8" x 10" 

"Old Whistler"     9" x 12"

Above are the three paintings that I will be putting in the Plein Air Southwest exhibition. They'll be available to view and purchase at Southwest Gallery starting April 8th. Earlier that day a Quick Draw Event will be held at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens starting at 9:30 till noon.
I will be attending the opening reception & the Quick Draw, so if you are in the Dallas area, I hope you stop by.

Here are details on the show:

April 8-30, 2011
Opening Reception April 9, 6-9 pm
Southwest Gallery, 4500 Sigma Road, Dallas TX 75244


  1. I like the three you chose for the show and congratulations on being in the show. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Randy, So glad to see that you will be at the gallery, have really enjoyed following your work and will look forward to meeting you at the opening. These look like three winners to me!

  3. Thanks Doug!

    Ann, It is a big step for me and I'm more than excited! Look forward to meeting you too!

  4. Really nice selection! Congratulations on being in the show. Just read that you paint only outdoors . . . admirable!

  5. Admirable maybe, but getting harder to do for sure. I'm trying to wrap my mind around more studio work. I think I need to do it to get my art up to another level. So far my "studio" attempts don't look much different than my outside work. I have learned to paint one way and I need to break some habits, like being in a hurry for one. I have learned to paint in reverse of most others. Most learn the studio and then go outside. Thanks Lorraine, I admire your work!

  6. Very nice Randy! Congratulations! You only paint outside! Wow! Love being outside but not necessarily painting outside. Trying.

  7. randy, i do love that black smith!
    award winning! have fun with the wenmohs tractor.

  8. Thanks Carolyn. It was fun seeing you and the gang again! That tractor picture rocks!