Truck & Tractor Guy strikes again!

"First Snow"
10" x 10"

A fellow painter, Tony Hilscher, sent me this photo reference and said it reminded him of me. Tony lives in Minnesota and is really used to painting snow, but this was my first real attempt and I'm happy with the results. The interesting thing for me is all of my social media attempts seem to be working and that I'm starting to hear from people referring to me as the "Truck & Tractor Guy".
 A few years ago, I would have never thought of myself as that guy, but I have to admit I keep going back to those subjects. Looking for more gallery representation, I talked to several gallery owners and the common response was gallery's want to know what to expect out of the artist, quality wise and subject. I decided these subjects are what I paint best at this time and hence the "Truck & Tractor" guy was born.  I'll wear the title with a proud smile and see where it takes me.


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  2. Thank you Gexton! I just needed to know somebody was out there! Thanks for writing. I will get it in gear. ;?)