Vintage Cars Rock!

"Hot Wheels"
11" x 14" oil

  I came from a family of old car lovers, so it was just a matter of time before I painted me some.
You can't beat the classic lines and all the chrome on the classics. I painted this from a photo reference, but my approach remains exactly the same. The challenge was getting all those lines and color down correctly. I tried to  keep most of the detail on the trunks and back windshields to help draw your eye there. The light on the roof was doing some cool stuff, but I downplayed that. I like how the warm shadow colors on the wall turned out. I'm learning that all my shadows don't have to be the same mixture and always cool.


  1. You really have a gift for painting cars, tractors, truck etc and making them looking exciting with the flow and color. Congrats on another expectional painting.

    1. Thank you Pat! I appreciate that. Hopefully I can put that flow into more of my work. Come back soon