I'm Still Standing - Oklahoma Barn sketch

"I'm Still Standing"
10" x 10"

This was a painting for a friend of mine of a barn close to her childhood home in Oklahoma. I painted it from a photo she provided. I hope I can do a little road trip one day and paint this plein air style. It's a great subject and I know I could see even more character in person.
I used Liquin and tried to give it a different look. I think my initial effort looked very nice and I was happy with the results, but the next day I went back into it and I "flattened" some of the cool depth it had. Sometimes, more is not necessary better. I never touch my plein air paintings after I get back home and I still struggle when I try to go back into a studio painting. Most of my real successful studio works are finished in one sitting too.


  1. The barn looks great. I don't believe anyone would know that it was painted indoors. You managed to capture the freshness and feel of plein air. I am sure that it will be treasured.
    You were missed at Waxahachie this weekend. Several people asked about you. The weather was the best I can recall, not too hot, not too windy. I bought three paintings, one each from Ted, Tina, and Olivette and Kent Brewer gave me a sketch. My collection of works by our friends is growing.

  2. Thanks Doug! Your collection is growing fast. I would love to own work from everyone you named! I have missed Waxahachie the past few years, tons of great artists and friends always go. I look forward to seeing some of your work on your blog.