Reason #214: Why plein air painting is tough.

9 x 12

Painted this late in the day and was surrounded by photographers taking family photos. Grapevine is a very photographic town and I'm lucky to live here, but nothing is as annoying as listening to a photographer shout baby talk to get the little ones attention...over and over and over. I tried to immerse myself in my work, but it was tough.


Christmas Painting Exchange

"All the Live-Long Day"
8 x 10

This is the painting I selected for the Outdoor Painters Society Christmas gift exchange. We wrap our paintings in brown paper, pile them up and play a white elephant Christmas game. It gets pretty heated, because you can steal paintings from other people and everyone gets pretty attached real fast. This will be my fifth party and I have really enjoyed the paintings I received in the past. I got an Ann Hardy, a couple from Cecy Turner and a David Moreland Bates. All are signature members of our group...not too shabby.

I hope I don't disappoint someone that gets this one.


Patriotic Tractor

"Patriotic Tractor"
12" x 16"

I tried this one larger than my usual 9 x 12 size. The increased size made it more difficult to finish in my normal time frame and also made the drawing tougher, because it's hard to hide any drawing errors. Some things worked and some didn't, but it's always fun.

I don't need any extra reasons to paint a tractor, but I loved the little flag on the front.


Livery Stable

"The Livery Stable"
8" x 16" oil

This is a plein air painting from my recent trip to Winberley, TX with the Outdoor Painters Society. This was my view from my hotel room, no lie! We meet some colorful characters that worked in the area too. A great local old timer that told me some tall tales while he repeatedly broke wind...all without missing a beat. ;?)

I painted several paintings around the river that didn't quite work out. Not my cup of tea, but I'm trying. I'm much more comfortable painting architecture and form.

My painting buddy, Rick Eakins and I made our way to the grand opening of the new RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg. I was blown away by the gallery, the owners and especially the gallery artists which includes my good friend Rusty Jones. He was grinning ear to ear and had some of the best work there. That's saying a lot considering some of my personal favorite artist, Frank Gardner, Hodges Soileau and Marc Hanson ( see my fav. blogs at right ) all hang in the same gallery. I missed out on opportunity to paint with some of these guys too. I had to return home and they were all going out together the next day. 

I probably would have slowed them all down and drooled on their paintings anyway. I won't miss another opportunity...I promise!