Reason #214: Why plein air painting is tough.

9 x 12

Painted this late in the day and was surrounded by photographers taking family photos. Grapevine is a very photographic town and I'm lucky to live here, but nothing is as annoying as listening to a photographer shout baby talk to get the little ones attention...over and over and over. I tried to immerse myself in my work, but it was tough.


  1. Randy, despite some plein air purists looking askance at me, I paint with headphones to music just like in the studio. It also has it's downsides, like when people sneak up on you and you almost back into them!

  2. John, I've tried that but most of the time I'm concentrating so much, I don't hear anything. I've been sneaked up on several times.

  3. Another great railroad painting. By the way who won your painting at the OPS party? I bet they were proud to get it.

  4. Thanks Doug. I was blown away. My painting traded hands three times in a row until it was claimed by Kaye Franklin of all people. What an honor that she liked it, let alone wanted it.
    By the way, I had to settle for getting John Cook's painting. Can't believe my luck. It was the fifth year in a row I received a painting from an OPS signature member.