Christmas Painting Exchange

"All the Live-Long Day"
8 x 10

This is the painting I selected for the Outdoor Painters Society Christmas gift exchange. We wrap our paintings in brown paper, pile them up and play a white elephant Christmas game. It gets pretty heated, because you can steal paintings from other people and everyone gets pretty attached real fast. This will be my fifth party and I have really enjoyed the paintings I received in the past. I got an Ann Hardy, a couple from Cecy Turner and a David Moreland Bates. All are signature members of our group...not too shabby.

I hope I don't disappoint someone that gets this one.


  1. I'm sure whoever gets this will be thrilled as they should be.

  2. I'm already attached to it....I want it!!! Hope to see you there!

  3. Awesome Randy. Love the light and discipline you used with the colors.