Old Sunbleached Truck

"Sunbleached Truck"    9" x 12" Oil

I did something I shouldn't have done and painted this from a photo that wasn't mine. I found it some time ago and don't know where from. I was wanting to paint and had this picture saved. Loved the composition and subject. I didn't intend for it to turn into a full fledge work of art, but it took on a life of it's own.
Have you ever done this? Should this not be for sale. How much could I have changed this and still used the photo?

I haven't had to worry about this before, but I would love to know other artists opinions. 


  1. Very nice. Seems like I've heard 10%. I'd think thats pretty easy to do going from a photo to a painting. It's probably harder to get it 90% or more the same. Haha. Doug

  2. This is great Randy! I really like this one. The background looks great as well and really complements the truck.

  3. Really strong painting, Randy. If 10% is the rule, then I'd think it would be almost impossible not to cover that. Your interpretation is going to be evident.

  4. Nice truck Randy! Good brushwork and nice greens in the tree..

  5. randy, painting from a photograph you didn't
    take resulted in a wonderful painting~
    sell it, write on the back "homage to unknown photographer."