Fish Market

"Fish Market"          9 x 12 Oil  
A few weeks back I had the opportunity to paint inside the Central Market grocery store as part of  a Grapevine Art Project outing to create awareness for our group. It was a great opportunity to paint live inside for a change. With a projected potential audience of over 5,000 people, it was a challenge to interact AND paint and most of all, not embarrass myself. I think it turned out nice. The store managers were great to us and treated us like stars. I even stopped down and created several small paintings with some of the kids watching me too. Hopefully helped create some future painters!


  1. This is very cool. Missed you at Prairie fest this year. Hope to see you at Waxahachie.

  2. Sounds like a great time Randy!...Plus you got a sweet painting!

  3. Doug, I didn't even hear about it until the day before. I really need to pay attention more. I hope you had a good time.

    Robin, I appreciate the support!
    ( I encourage anyone reading this to check out Robins Blog, always impressive work! -See my side link bar )