"Honeysuckles with Blue Bird"  9"x 12"

This is a still life I did with a few of my wife's favorite items. She loves her Honeysuckles and these were picked straight from her garden. The little ceramic bird is great. The glaze is all cracked and it has places on it that make it look rusty.
I have realized I can't paint outside all the time in Texas, so I started improving my home studio. I now have an area with better lighting, an area to set up still lives and I can see my computer monitor easily. ( plus a TV :?O )


Colorado Landscape

"Gold Rush"  12" x 16" 

This is a painting I did during a recent workshop with Kaye Franklin. She is a wonderful painter and teacher that has taught all over the world. It was the perfect class for me because Kaye uses the same basic color palette as I do with the addition of  Yellow Ochre and Sap Green. Kaye acted a little surprised I had never used the Ochre, but I told her I have used a basic three color palette for some time now. I do feel it's time to start adding some colors, especially ones that will make the plein air work easier and faster. I have always loved Kaye's greys in her paintings and I learned one of her tricks was to premix a few greys that she then adds to her mixes as she works. I think this practice will help me to get more greys into my plein air work.


Mothers Day Reject

"Flowers & Oranges"  12" x 16"  

I knew Mothers Day was approaching, so like the good son I am, I decided to paint my mother something she has been asking for for some time now...flowers. I don't have a ton of experience painting these, but what the heck, I love her. I went all out by painting larger than normal. She arrived at my house where I had real roses and several fancy desserts wrapped in bows waiting for her. After giving her those, I walked her to a different room, where I had this painting framed on a wall. I asked her what she thought about her new gift and after about a minute delay she said, "Can I have that one on the other wall instead?"
She left my house with two paintings that day and neither one had flowers in them.
Love you Mom!


More Watercolors?

"Pikes Peak"      8" x 12" watercolor

Here is another watercolor of Pikes Peak. I took some advice from a watercolor artist friend and worked more "wet in wet" with this attempt. I can see my progress. I retained more translucency and loosened up. I figured out what colors I have that are transparent, semi-transparent and opaque by looking at the box they came in. I'm so clever! I painted about 90% using the transparent colors and then finished up the details with the rest. The original has a glow and softness to it that doesn't  show up as much in this scan. Original art always looks better in person no matter what the medium is. This is what makes it special.

I have a couple more watercolors to do soon, but I promise to post new oil paintings next time. 

These water colors also represent the first time I have attempted commission work. I have always hesitated when approached, mainly because I like painting what I like painting. I have to admit that I have enjoyed these and a large reason for this is how great and appreciative their new owner has been to me.