Colorado Landscape

"Gold Rush"  12" x 16" 

This is a painting I did during a recent workshop with Kaye Franklin. She is a wonderful painter and teacher that has taught all over the world. It was the perfect class for me because Kaye uses the same basic color palette as I do with the addition of  Yellow Ochre and Sap Green. Kaye acted a little surprised I had never used the Ochre, but I told her I have used a basic three color palette for some time now. I do feel it's time to start adding some colors, especially ones that will make the plein air work easier and faster. I have always loved Kaye's greys in her paintings and I learned one of her tricks was to premix a few greys that she then adds to her mixes as she works. I think this practice will help me to get more greys into my plein air work.

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