Mothers Day Reject

"Flowers & Oranges"  12" x 16"  

I knew Mothers Day was approaching, so like the good son I am, I decided to paint my mother something she has been asking for for some time now...flowers. I don't have a ton of experience painting these, but what the heck, I love her. I went all out by painting larger than normal. She arrived at my house where I had real roses and several fancy desserts wrapped in bows waiting for her. After giving her those, I walked her to a different room, where I had this painting framed on a wall. I asked her what she thought about her new gift and after about a minute delay she said, "Can I have that one on the other wall instead?"
She left my house with two paintings that day and neither one had flowers in them.
Love you Mom!


  1. This is beautiful Randy! The colors are so fresh,clean and complex. Excellent!

  2. Thank you very much Lee. A lot of the time my scans don't show my paintings looking their best. This may be one of the rare times it actually looks better than the original. (Oops...did I say that out loud )