Quicker is Sometimes Better

"End of Day Glow" 9" x 12"

I wanted to squeeze out another painting before dark. This time of year it gets dark around seven so I knew I was going to have to get moving. I went straight to my default location, Nash Farms and began setting up. I  realized I only had 9" x 12" panels with me. This is my standard size, but being in a giant hurry, I thought I should have done something a little smaller. The sun was setting quick, so after sketching in the tractor shape, I went straight into the background and then established the long ground shadows. That turned out to be the right choice, because the light disappeared right before my eyes. I finished the tractor as it got dark and fought to remember what it looked like just minutes before. I used only one 3/4" wide painters brush for the entire painting.It's amazing what you can do with the right brush. 

My wife had gone with me and walked around the farm land. When she approached me she was surprised to find me finishing up. She then pointed out that from set up to take down, I had done this painting in forty-five minutes!     
I am going on a four day paint out with several other painters to Port Aransas, Tx. as part of my Plein Air Southwest show I am a part of. So I hope to come back with tons of new work!


  1. It's true, no time to fuss, just put it down. It really does glow. Can't wait to see your Port A pics!

  2. Thanks Laurel. I had left my best painting at the Port A Gallery and haven't gotten it back yet and I only have low resolution pics of it. I will post asap. I painted a few others that I will share soon.

    Thanks for the visit!