Port Aransas Paint Out

"Shrimp Boat" 9" x 12"

I went to a paint out with the Outdoor Painters Society at Port Aransas, Tx. 
This was the first time for me to go to Port Aransas and my first time to paint Shrimp boats and palm trees. I was pumped to go and ended up making several new friends, but the weather tried it's best to ruin my trip. 
The wind was so strong that I used bungee straps to tie my waist to my easel and my legs to the tripod! It was pretty ridiculous feeling and I bet looking. No photos available, thank goodness!

I had mixed results painting in those conditions, but I absolutely love painting shrimp boats. They have cool angles, tons of ropes and masts and really look worn. I had to remind myself that they are the equivalent of a work truck and not made to cruise around in.

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