My Colorado Vacation

"Overlooking Ouray" 9 x 12

Wow, is all I can say about my vacation in Ouray, Colorado. My family and I had a great time. I took hundreds of pictures and soaked in so much beauty. I plan on pouring over the photos and turn many of them into paintings. I know it will be a challenge to capture the large scale & beauty of the mountains. That is something I know I wouldn't have had any chance of doing if I hadn't been there and took them myself.

The above painting was done roadside, looking down on the town of Ouray. The weather was a wonderful 72 degrees. I heard Texas was around 104 at the same time, so I wasn't missing it very much right then. I would like to say that I had people from all over the world pulling over just to watch me work, but I'm sure at least a few of them only stopped to take in the view.
I will post more of my plein air attempts and share some of my photos in the following days.


  1. So glad you had a great time Randy and got some relief from the heat. This is a nice painting of a view I know well. Colorado is pretty inspiring isn't it? I have to remind myself sometimes about being grateful for the beauty that surrounds me every day. Looking forward to more paintings! Best, /Lee

  2. This painting feels very powerful to me. The inverted triangle "sky" just jumped out. Very nice!