95% Plein Air Painter

"Sonjia's Red Bowl" 8 x 10

This is my first post in a while. A family problem and the Texas hot weather combined to keep my recent painting outings sparse. I am presently about a 95% plein air painter. Very few of my attempts come from studio or indoor work. That is something I know I have to change about myself. I have become comfortable painting outside and now I need to learn to be comfortable inside which is probably the exact opposite from most painters. I decided a few nights ago to set up a still life and get some painting in. The funny thing about the way I work is I paint inside the exact way I paint outside. I have done work as large as 2’ x 3’ but still finished in about three hours time. I need to learn to slow down and not sling the paint. I don't like painting on dry work.

Next week I am going to Ouray, Colorado for a combined family vacation and paint out event with the OPS. I have never painted in the mountains before so I am very excited!
I promise to post many photos and hopefully many paintings.


  1. Glad you came back to Blogland Randy. Cool to see something new. I am feeling the loose feel throughout and like the way you rendered the metal pot. I hope you have a fantastic time in my home state on vacation. Remember, if you are painting at a high altitude that the weather change very quickly especially in the afternoon. I have seen several seasons in a single afternoon at 10,000 feet! Be safe and I can't wait to see your work when you return. I assume Rusty is going too. Tell him hi for me! (deleted my last post because I had to edit!)

  2. Perry, I'm glad to be back. I need the communication & sharing. It's tough not being a full time painter! Thanks for the Colorado tip. I relayed your advice to my wife so we won't be caught off guard. Probably added 3 or 4 bags to my trip, thanks a lot! :?)
    Rusty is going also, so I will tell him you said "hi".