A Big Texas Hello

Welcome to my Blog. This is an new endeavor for me and I plan on approaching it the same way I did with my oil painting by jumping right in. If you read my bio or know me you can see that I have been creating various forms of commercial art for twenty plus years now, but I have only been oil painting around three years. I am relatively new to this form of art and hope that this Blog will not only document my journey but also entertain you or possibly inspire you to pick up some brushes. I chose the title "In the Field" because I am primarily an outdoor painter. The majority of my work is done on location from start to finish usually within a couple of hours. Painting is normally a solitary experience for the artist. Painting outside opens me to an interactive encounter with my subject in ways no photograph in my studio could do and allows me to share my experiences with interested onlookers or possible art collectors. It also allows me the opportunity to meet, paint with and learn from other artists.
At the very least I hope you enjoy viewing my art.

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  1. You're jumping right in, sink or swim, right? Glad to see you. I'll subscribe to your blog and look forward to reading more.