Lil' Joes BBQ

"Lil' Joe's BBQ" 
11" x 14"

This is a plein air painting of a typical Bar-B-Que joint here in Texas. I found this one on an 
antiquing trip to Round Top, TX with my wife who is always kind enough not to complain when 
I pull the car over for a couple of hours. When I'm driving my head is on a constant swivel and 
I'm painting inside my mind at every turn. Sad to say, I finished this before Lil Joe's opened up 
and I didn't get to sample their food.

The red & white checkered table cloth caught my eye, but the fun part of this painting was
all of the details within the shadow side of the entrance. I wanted less detail within this area, but it still needed to read as the objects they are, window air-condition, Pepsi machine etc. 

I'm happy to say this painting and three others found a new home during the Plein Air Southwest Salon


  1. What a wife you have! Good to see you continue to have success as an artist as you surely deserve it!

  2. Thank you Carol! I can always count on you to brighten my day.

  3. Your post said how we all feel! When my husband and I go on road trips, I am the one who yells to him to stop the car so I can get that perfect picture for my next painting!! This is a beautiful painting..
    You captured the "antique" look on this building! Wonderful work!!

  4. I feel for all the painters spouses out there because they put up with a lot sometimes, but it's also one of the reasons they love us too. Thank you for the comments. My Blog has become an after thought since I've been using Facebook & Instagram so much, but comments like this will bring me back. Thanks!!