"Orange Pumpkin"
10 x 10 oil
Painted this a couple months ago for a an artist friend that has owned this van for a long time. I surprise him with it and told him to pass along the good deed by sending some other unsuspecting person a painting.
I have done this several times and enjoy it very much. Who knows, someone that leaves me a comment could receive on one day too.   ;?)


  1. Dear Randy, I have left a comment a few times. I have not received a painting. Soon? You sure love the old vehicles...fits with your wonderful sense of humor.

  2. You sure can sweet talk Carol! I like it!

  3. This one is very nice but has a different feel to me than many of your other vehicle paintings. Maybe because this one is still very much in use and a lot of the others look like they have been put out to pasture. Hope to see you at Prairie Fest.

  4. Thanks Doug. My guess is it probably has a different feel because it was from a photograph. That and there is no rust. lol

  5. SUPRISE! I am leaving this post because you haven't posted in forever. Whatsamatter?