Honeymoon Present

11 x 14 oil

A good friend of mine recently got married and he told me he was honeymooning in Italy. After fighting through the extreme jealousy, I decided to paint the new couple something that would help them remember the occasion forever. This also gave me an oportunity to paint something a little different. Bonus...I found a fantastic silver frame at an antique store that I knew would work perfect for them too and I even painted the young lovers seated in the gondola.

Someday I hope to be sitting with my wife in the same spot.


  1. Nice work Randy, love the perspective on this piece. Beautifully painted.

  2. Thank you David. It was a chance to do something different. I painted it in one sitting and thought I would go back into it, but decided to leave well enough alone. I appreciate your comments and visit!
    It went over good too.

  3. The internet is amazing. Not sure how but one link leads to another and I somehow find your blog. Your story sounds kind of similar to mine. Many years in commercial art, and now an urge to pursue fine art.

    Your work is looking very good. It gives me hope. I've only been at it around a year and a half to 2 years or so. Keep plugging away and I'll do the same. Best wishes.

  4. I wholeheartedly wish you to go with your wife to Venice - Dolores