My First Oil Portrait

"Weathered Cowboy"
10" x 12" 

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$275 + $12 s/h
This was my first attempt at an oil portrait and I had a lot of fun. I applied the paint thickly and loose and wanted to give the painting a sketch feel instead of overly rendering the piece. Being one of my first attempts at skin color, I was a little surprised at how much color it took to actually create the skin tones. My mind wanted to just mix a big batch of pink and tan and have it, but I just took my time and really tried to emulate what I was seeing.
This was a ton of fun and I see more in my future. In fact, I've already done a self portrait that I will share soon.

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  1. Just joined Outdoor Painters this morning and was catching up on old news. I absolutely love this and can't imagine you haven't been painting portraits before this one. It is incredible!! I also like your old car, truck and tractor paintings. My husband restores all of the said items and I usually have several in my front yard. He is always asking me why I don't paint them. If I could paint them as well as you do I definitely would be!! You inspire me to give it a try.