Video Demonstration "Off Road"

"Off Road" Video Demonstration
This is my first attempt at filming myself creating a studio oil painting and it's shown in very quick time. The painting took 80 minutes and I've speed it up to 4 1/2 minutes. I've watched many of these types of things, so it was very interesting to see myself. I also figured out some things to make my next one even better.
Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Ok,... the blog is called In the Field : Plein Air Adventures
    So why am i watching you paint from a photograph inside??????
    Just curious.

    1. Sorry if you feel mislead by my blog title. I do consider myself a plein air painter and the majority of my posts feature plein air work, but not all. Do you suggest I start a studio blog in addition to this one and maybe an artist I like blog and then maybe a gallery blog or do you suggest I change my blog title after four years establishing it because my art is evolving?
      Did you enjoy the video???????
      Just curious.

      Thank you for your visit and comments Cindy.

    2. I think you you should call it "Plein Air Adventures and I Can Paint From What Ever I Feel Like Cause Its My Damn Blog"....just saying

  2. I think this video is absolutely astonishing for your first attempt. The view of the painting is a good one, perhaps could be a tad higher set. The in and out focus is a little disturbing, but not too much because you really get a sense of the artist actually painting on the painting! I am a fan of your work, Randy, and this one is a beaut!

    Give us more!!

  3. Thank you very much Maren! I had fun making it and knowing the camera was on may have even made me paint a little better. Lol It was a very impromptu recording. I asked my wife to do it and we have never used the video function on our new camera. After pointing it at the board, I didn’t review the video. When my arm goes into view the cameras focus does move in and out, so I need to figure out how to make it a static focus for sure. Also, my studio setup didn’t allow me to put it on the left side, but I’m in the process of trying to fix that too.

    Thank you for your comments and advice. I do plan on making some more and even will film outside when the opportunity arises. Thanks again!