Plein Air Southwest Salon

“Day of Rest”


My painting "A Day of Rest" received an Award of Excellence at the Plein Air Southwest Salon show yesterday from judge John Budicin. Later that night I was blown away by also winning the "Peoples Choice" award. I am truly blessed to have so much support. Just to hang on the same wall as these artists was honor enough for me, but to call them FRIENDS.....I'm humbled.

I also won an "Honorable Mention" award in the Outdoor Painters Society's Associates members show for my painting "Just Sitting"

"Just Sitting"

Six years ago, my wife told me about a painting group holding a quick draw event that Saturday. I was not an oil painter and I had no idea what a quick draw was. I went to it and was amazed at what I saw. I didn't know you could do an oil painting in under two hours, especially paintings of that quality, but what amazed me the most was how welcoming, friendly and quick to share this group of people were. That night I went to the 1st Plein Air Southwest Salon show and I WAS HOOKED! I'm proud to be a member but most proud of my friendships inside the group.

Southwest Gallery opening night

John Budicin & myself at the artist dinner

Quick Draw painting at White Rock Lake in progress

Is it just me or do paintings look better with big ribbons?

My wife loves and supports me and makes my life fun.

View all of the winning paintings here


  1. You're in fine company Randy, and deservedly so. I enjoy following your blog and can't get enough of your subject matter!

  2. Thank you very much! I appreciate your comments.