Painting at the Ft. Worth Stockyards

"Texas Caddy"  8" x 10"

I was invited to go paint the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards with a group of painters the last couple of weeks. This car was sitting on Exchange Blvd. right in front of the Stockyards. I get asked all the time how I choose my subject. I was drawn to paint this just because I wanted to paint the horns on the front grill. Sometimes a complicated scene like this gets painted for the tiniest reasons.


  1. WOW Mr. Saffle, This is GREAT! Really happy to find your blog, I am super impressed!
    Let's paint when it gets a little cooler, I'm still wimping out in this heat! I've been painting in the backyard with a fan blowing. How wimpy is that?

  2. That would be considered wimpy anywhere but Texas! You have to get every break you can.
    Than you for the comments and visit Bev!