Troublesome Wind

"Party Wagon" 9" x 12"

A farm next to my house was giving free rides with a tractor and wagon. This farm is always my default painting location when I don't feel like going very far. The wind was very troublesome that day and my pochade and painting ended up taking a nose dive face down into the dirt. Broke my tripod and sent turp all over me and my car. I was mad for a minute and then realized a bad day painting is better than a good day at my 8 to 5.

I plan on trying out a new brand of paints I just bought..."LeFranc". I have heard many people rave about them, especially their White. They are very affordable. I also added Viridian Green and Yellow Ochre to my palette. Common on many peoples palette but new to me. I will let you know.

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  1. Hello there Randy. Glad to see you are keeping the brushes busy! Ahhh, the joy of outdoor painting. Glad you survived though. Viridian, Ultramarine and Alizarin mixed make great darks and I love Yellow Ochre. It mixes so nicely and makes some great greens with Ultramarine for landscapes. Also try some Transparent Red Oxide. I have found it to be enjoyable as well. Hey, I might be in Dallas soon. I will have to give you a ring! Take care, /Lee