Season's Greetings

"Tractor at Nash Farm" 8 x 10

Attended the Outdoor Painters Society Christmas Party a few weeks ago. The highlight is the white elephant painting exchange. Everyone brings an 8"x10" painting wrapped in plain brown paper. You pick a painting, unwrap it and sit back and watch the wolves steal it from you. It can change hands four times. I stole a Rusty Jones painting from someone else, just to have it taken from me. Next, I opened a John Cook that was then stolen by the next four people in line. I ended up with an awesome David Moreland Bates painting. ( click on his name to see the studio painting produced from my plein air painting I received that day )
How's that for a lineup. Not to shabby! 

"Tractor at Nash Farm" was my exchange painting and I'm happy to report it changed hands a couple times.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS"! Thank you to everyone that follows my Blog and everyone that takes the time to create a Blog to share. I'm looking forward to a great 2010.


  1. Hi Randy - Hope you had a great Christmas - the gift exchange sounds like a great treat.
    Wishing you a healty, prosperous and happy new year.
    Happy Painting,

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