Train Depot 9 x 12

Here is another of my paintings from the OPS Grapevine paint out. This was my early morning effort. I thought I had something good going on, but I found myself a little distracted surrounded by all my friends and fellow artists. After visiting a while I realized not only had the light changed, but so did my view. I think every car in Grapevine was suddenly parked in front of me! I had been looking forward to painting the little green cart at the base of the train, but it was no longer in site so I finished it up from memory. This painting still brings me a smile because it reminds me of that very fun day.

I'll have to revisit this spot again and give it another try.


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog. Your work is awesome. I know how difficult it is to venture out and deal with all the elements of nature. I have only ventured into my yard, but plan to brave other locations this summer.

  2. Welcome aboard Joan. Plein air painting is hard work, but alot of fun. Can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures.