Rusted Tin Roof 11 x 14

I'm not totally happy with the way this painting turned out even though I do like parts of it. I think some of my feelings are based on what I edited out because of time restraints and maybe poor layout. I ended up removing a tree from the right side and a tractor plow from the left foreground. While I was laying it out it never seemed to come together. I should have know from the start if the layout doesn’t feel right to correct it then, but I was in a hurry for the fun part. This painting also made me doubt not using canvas on my board. The texture is nice, but it seems to become dry looking reel fast. I don’t add a lot of medium to my paint. With this one I only added some Alkyd to speed up drying time. Maybe I should try something else before I totally give up on my gesso only wood boards. Also, I have a few scratches along the fence from my carrier that I haven't cleaned up yet.

Any opinions about the painting or texture?

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  1. Sounds familiar Randy. I often find, at my current stage, that I am happy with some of the painting but not all of it. I look for the small victories within my pieces to push me into the next painting. I don't mind the composition as much. I feel the items on the ground on the left bring me into the painting. It may have been cool to open the doors a bit to get me to wonder what is inside the shed. I like the cool colors on the sides and the texture of the brushwork. I take it the sun was directly overhead? I like the feel of your work! I will be back soon for more inspiration. Best /Lee