More Watercolors?

"Pikes Peak"      8" x 12" watercolor

Here is another watercolor of Pikes Peak. I took some advice from a watercolor artist friend and worked more "wet in wet" with this attempt. I can see my progress. I retained more translucency and loosened up. I figured out what colors I have that are transparent, semi-transparent and opaque by looking at the box they came in. I'm so clever! I painted about 90% using the transparent colors and then finished up the details with the rest. The original has a glow and softness to it that doesn't  show up as much in this scan. Original art always looks better in person no matter what the medium is. This is what makes it special.

I have a couple more watercolors to do soon, but I promise to post new oil paintings next time. 

These water colors also represent the first time I have attempted commission work. I have always hesitated when approached, mainly because I like painting what I like painting. I have to admit that I have enjoyed these and a large reason for this is how great and appreciative their new owner has been to me.

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